Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

What if this was a true story, read on to find out more!

Thursday, 6 30 PM – @car park

He – Hi, wanted to talk to you, I see you pushing off for the day, will talk to you tomorrow.

She – Sure, bye, am running late.

Thursday, 6 40 PM – @car park, from inside the bus

Her thoughts – Oops!! missed to ask for his name, anyway he said tomorrow.

His thoughts – Blank with a smile!

Friday, 4 30 PM – @cafe

He – Hi, I spoke to you last evening. Can I talk to you now?

She – Ooops!! have been away from my desk for a long time, if you don’t mind, Can I come back in 15?

He – Sure, will be here.

After 15 mins

Friend — She will not come, lets go

He – She will, I know her

After 20 mins

Friend — High time man!

He – I trust her, 5 more mins

After 25 mins

Friend — Dude, am going!

He – May be she got busy

After 27 mins

Friend — Walking towards Lift

He – Shouted Stairs!

Friend — Don’t tell me she would take stairs **sigh**

#There she is! Stepping down towards them!#

She – Sorry, had some calls, are you leaving?

Friend — We got some work too!

She – Okay then, sorry for making you wait.

He – Don’t be. Its okay! Shall I have a word now?

She – Sure, what is it?

Friday, 5 05 PM – @car park

He – Thanks for coming, would you be able to spend the rest of your lifetime with me?

She – Sorry?#?

He – I know you more than you think. Sorry, have been stalking you for more than a year now, do you think you could marry me?

She – I’m sorry, haven’t thought about marriage yet, still a looong way to go.

He – I can wait, do you think you could consider me whenever you are ready?

She – Truly Sorry, wouldn’t wanna keep you waiting. I know about my orthodox family and its too early when I have an elder sister.

He – Don’t worry, I can convince the world for you.

She – Not sure what else can I say other than feeling sorry!

He – I get it.

She – I am sure somebody else is waiting for you who is much better than me.

He – Will miss you.

She – Mm, All the best, bye.


She left hiding teary eye for having encountered a smooth conversation and a nice person.

He felt sooo much in love that he chose to let her go, but permanently tattooed her in his heart!

She never saw him again

Guess what, she did think of him after her sister’s wedding!

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