Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

Sales woman

Yes! I am a sales woman and…

I should only smile, no matter what!

To err is human, but I can never commit one!

I can never be upset, Oh my emotions, please leave me!

Tie up hair, iron the same cloth, do whatever to present well,

I am a sales woman!

Rude / complaining customers ? No they can’t be, I am always wrong,

Monthly cycle? No sickness, will loose a day’s salary,

Nature calling – Urgent :'( Gotta wait until somebody else is here,

Lunch time and I’m hungry? Not so soon! Its not 4 yet,

I am a sales woman!

Hope my sick children feel better 🙁 Cant check on them now,

Gotta a break to make a call, Are you alright? Good! Take care! Gotta go!

Basic or Smart phone? No difference when it stays outside

Hope I had received the salary!?! Need to check when back home,

I am a sales woman!

When will the clock strike 9? My legs are aching,

What the! Nooo! Can never loose cool, have to be polite!

I am a sales woman and 

I live in India!!

No offence intended! This could be the life of any sales person and I feel hopeless. Still, hoping for a change! Hope others / customers understand the fact and be kind and considerate!

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