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Trust in Rain!

Situations are still worse in Chennai where there is a search for ground water and hunt for water lorries! Hear me shout – Panchayat is doing way better than metro!

When I read the news about Cape town’s drought I was confused and worried! I was under the assumption that global warming would lead to lots of rains with its increase in sea levels. When Australia insisted on limiting water usage, I realised may be it is a different story.

Now when I see this live in Chennai, it is a hard blow.

Can you imagine? It is a queue system! Pay as you get! INR 10 for 1 pot of water. In some places, INR 12 for a bucket! And, there are limitations too. 5 to 10 buckets for a family! Pathetic it is! Mornings Afternoons Evenings – Doesn’t matter! People are in the run for water. Realising the need to save water too!

Individual houses are dependant on the ground water which has plans to bid bye sooner if there would be no rains!

Apartment people are waiting for their time-slot to fetch from a common tap. Taps run for an hour or so and the residents will have their turn.

Every family understands and restrict their water usage! I am sure the world would have realised about the condition of all our major water reservoirs, if not from the news, at-least from this Hollywood champ! Thanks for highlighting Mr. Leonardo 🙂

This water crisis was expected and had been in news since several months but not sure what the Govt had in mind. May be there were busy struggling to retain their own positions! They truly fail to understand that fixing the basic needs of the people would save their postings! I see this to be the major difference between a state being run by a person versus a leader. Anyway thats a different topic altogether.

Moving back on track, house wives have given up on few of their serials to stand inline. Youngsters are giving their hands. When there is a problem, people do stand united. The jallikattu protest brought the state together. I think it is time for yet another protest! Not for pride but for a very basic need.

Few evil minds think it is the time for money making 🤬 Whenever you see a sufferer you either try to help them or just walk by. But it has always been the worst in Chennai! During 2015 Chennai floods, milk prices hit the roof, now its water prices. You can see tankers and lorries everywhere along with money launderers!!

The only hope is Mother Nature! Rain is our only saviour.. It was better last week. Hope it continues…. Let us see whats in store! Let me also check whats in my store for tomorrow!

Again, what can mother nature do when people are happy with destruction! If you see a tree today, next-time you will see something else in its place! There are already plenty of high-raised buildings that are vacant, yet there is construction all over the city! Pollution is out of control, vehicles all over! AC provision has become a mandate! Not sure, where will this all lead to, one thing I realised is that, We are not making the city a liveable place for the next generation.

Still, there is a hope, after-all, she is the Mother Nature! 🥺

Respect the nature and wait for your turn! 😢

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