One life, live it to the fullest!

All of us want to be happy but sometimes we are not able to, why?

Its all in our thoughts – Our thinking or may be somebody else’s thoughts imposed on us! We need to think wise to live happily.

However / wherever we are now, everything would have had a beginning!

It all boils down to the thought!”  

Even God would have thought a lot before creating the Universe.

My thoughts encouraged me to start a blog expressing them. You may want to think as well 🙂

I might have a lot of irrelevant details in this blog but I strongly hope that a few could help you. I believe that when you say something to a child, it gets registered in their brain that might be useful or might create a deja vu effect. So, if at all anything that you saw or read in my scribbling helped you in any ways, please write to me and that’s the best thing you could do to me!