Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

~ Go Corona Go ~

Experts observe you are a protein, shouldn’t you be doing good?

Kids feel you are a monster!

Optimists identify it is time to reinvent themselves.

Leaders accuse you were created in a lab!

Antagonists gossip you are just another conspiracy.

Believers deem you are a messenger!

Nature lovers perceive its our Mother Nature rectifying the enough damage.

Who really are you?

Let me pencil you down! Bet you, Corona!

No offence intended, this is just a fun post!

22 thoughts on “A face to face – My take on Corona!

  1. I am what you call me
    Whether an invisible monster
    Or lab made threat
    I act according to your perception
    Am like a water;
    Whatever colour you give,
    It accepts.
    But believe me,
    Am here to heal the wounds
    That were neglected for a long time..
    But I do appreciate the way you sketch me
    Though it was hilarious
    I liked a lot 😃

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