Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

I am almost there, still you defy me!
You are to suffer, when will you realise?
Give me time and I shall give you energy!
Call it a day, take me heart and soul!
Trust me, I can assure you of a new world!
Please give up and accept me!
Yes! Close your eyes and SLEEP!

7 thoughts on “Call it a day!

  1. Australia is one large country, and I had the pleasure of living there for some time, however, probably long before you were even born! 🙂 And – if I had known then what I know about Australia today, I might never have returned.
    But I did! I was living out West in the area of Freemantle, Perth, Geraldton and Bunbury.
    A facinating but extremely dry country indeed! May I ask where abouts are you living?

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