Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

Dear God,

My daughter-in-law, My care-taker, can you please bless her for listening to me?

prays Grand-Dad!

Bumble bees are never this busy, can you please remind my wife about this forgotten soul?

– vents Dad!

Mom’s Melodrama! Can’t take it! can you please change her overreaction towards her teenager?

– pleads Daughter!

I have a very controlling mom, can you please make her realise I am already 7?

– reveals Son!

Waah! Waah! Mine, My mom, can you please takeaway others? Waah! Waah!

– demands Baby!

Daughter needs more care now, Son is too much on the internet, full-time clingy toddler! (Sigh) Need more time to listen to Dad’s stories & husband’s investments! To top it all, I am starting work next month! How will I manage all of these & home? I am stressed in every bit, would have been better if mom was around, miss her badly! Please give me enough strength.

– cries Mom!

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