Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

You guessed it right! ✌️

Thats is what Yoga is all about to me! I love to do this to boast about my courage and to show off my flexibility. Common to fly high when somebody looks at you in awe! 🤩

There are people who might testify yoga to be the best health regime in the world. It is now a trend too. For me, yoga is a stretchy exercise. Few of the asanas relax muscles! 😌Big time saviour when it comes to relieving muscle ache 🤷🏻‍♀️

I had learnt Yoga from school and it was sooooo boring then! I feel the fun now especially when you could blow your own trumpet on flexibility and inline with others during discussions. One of the hot topics though 😺

Coming to other aspects of Yoga, I haven’t explored any meditation other than sleeping during / doing sava asana. My fav though 😉 I am happy with what I do in respect to Yoga and can happily celebrate the Yoga day! 😀

Few of the asanas that I do for back & neck pain — Are you with me? Give me a 🙌

Matsya asana more like a bridge pose for my back & neck!
Ardha chakra asana for my back — all time fav!
Sarvaanga asana for my neck — love it 🙂
Bhujanga asana for back & neck — a quicker one!
Dhanur asana for back, neck & leg — intensive!

I love the ardha chakram (half wheel) specially for its soothing effect on lower back.

Truly, I do not know about the spiritual connect or other beneficial aspects of Yoga but I am sure that couple of my friends got hitched attending yoga class together, lol 😂

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