Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

Trust me, it is possible when you are in Oz! Yaay Oz! 🥳 Have been there! There are multiple ways we can earn money from home. I am listing out the top 10 ways to earn some money from home! This is possible when you are in Australia. Being in Sydney, I have my personal experience with some of these.

This is possible for a stay at home mum or for a beginner or simply for somebody who would wanna earn some extra cash. 👍🏿

  1. Surveys
  2. Music review
  3. Mystery Shopping
  4. Uber / Ola drivers
  5. Telesales
  6. Data entry work
  7. Amway
  8. English tutor
  9. Virtual Assistant
  10. Apple care

I have given the above list in no particular order, may be whatever occurred in my mind early this morning..!


There are plenty of market research sites available. They reward for your opinions. Some sites reward using points that can be accumulated for a reward. Some pay in $ to paypal account, some use gift cards! Here is a list of sites you could refer to.. LifePoints, Toluna, Valued Opinions, Opinion world, RewardsCentral, Swagbucks etc.! 🤩

Research focus groups / Research connection is a group where they pay out $100+ for a 2 hour session or so. There might be pre-tasks as well which are paid too! This is good money! Please try it out.

Bonus — There are some sites that discuss about your shopping, snacking, skincare routines too. Trust me, they are quite interesting and reward well! 😎

Some of these are truly awesome! Contact me privately for any referral code, It sure would be a Win-Win deal 😉

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Mystery Shopping

Who wouldn’t love window shopping, especially Women out there! Are you happy to do some shopping without revealing your identity? You can eat out, buy some products, just an inquiry and report all the details within the time-frame and you can earn some money! More like a casual employment. Mystery shopper, Creative junction are some of the sites which are genuine.

Bonus — There is also IRI shopping panel which rewards you for scanning products from your weekly purchase! 😌

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Music Review

Are you a music fanatic? There is a website called slicepie which pays you for reviewing music. You wouldn’t know which music you are reviewing until you give a review! I have done in the past. 🤪

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Uber / Ola Drivers

There are also Uber / Ola driver jobs – You need your own vehicle and Driver’s license. Please refer to their sites for availability. I think they pay around $10+ per km. I think there are also terms now that you don’t need to own a car, you can rent one from their fleets and drive. More like car sharing! I am not giving away more stuff in here as these are to be properly read and followed. 🙂

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You must be somebody who can accept “NO” 😮 Somebody who doesn’t take things personal. If so, you can apply for these jobs. There are plenty in the market. You will have to invest the time and have a phone connection at home to do this!

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Data Entry

Are you good with typing? Have good speed? Hawk-eye to details? There are various data entry jobs out there. Some are legitimate, visit for data entry jobs. 🤓

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This is truly a MLM. More for a People person!! If you believe you can bring in people to do this, then this is the best option for you. When you join, you will be under somebody who will push you to buy things. Buying more of amway products and other retailers will give you a place in there. If you introduce people, you will make money for all of their purchases too. I have had experiences with this, please contact me privately and I can help! (Don’t worry, I will not add you to any network :P)

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English Tutor

Are you fluent in English? Do you have any training experience? You can do this from home. They pay you well for a 40 min class. You just need some relevant experience. Having a degree in English is always a plus!

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Virtual Assistant

This is more like a personal assistant job but home based. You will provide all the services a PA would do virtually. Managing calendar, document preparation, scheduling travel etc. 🧐

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Apple Care

Want to work with Apple? Wanna work from home for a big company? This is perfect for somebody who wants to do customer care work but from home. You will be interviewed and given all necessary equipments! You can visit their site and apply for this position. Note – Please read reviews before you apply for any such jobs 🤔

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Security jobs are also available – This requires to have undergone mandatory training! There are also various other jobs like waiter/waitress, bartender, barista, Super market etc.. Lots of such jobs are available, please research.

I know why you have visited my page! Had been there, I understand the need and sometimes its a pressure and pain too!! I am with you 🙌 sending my hugs !!

All these surveys and market research will not give you money straight away, you need to put in some effort to give your opinion, accumulate points and you will be there! Earning your first reward! 😀 Once you have seen it working, you can start giving out opinion on many sites!! There are plenty of such works in the market which are truly good! May not be the best and pour in cash but they help you to start with, help you earn something extra. Note – All these are more like casual or part-time jobs for extra money, please don’t depend on these for main income.

There is also home based Travel Consultant jobs, Book keeper jobs, Recruitment jobs and more…! I will try and publish more details when I explore the other areas too..

Good luck to you, wish you soon find your dream job or a happy job for a living! 👍

Disclaimer – All of the above information are from my own experiences, I am not preaching or demanding anything here. The suggestions / views / ideas presented in here solely represent my opinion. Please use them as a reference and make your own decision. I claim no responsibility for your decisions.

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