Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

Apart from our regular activities, One common thing that could connect us would be Music! 😍

Music means life to sooooo many people. If Music weren’t there, can’t imagine! 🤷🏻‍♀️

If Music is life, instruments are its soul!

If Music is heart, instruments are its beats!


Poetic Percussion
Woozy Woodwind
Blissful Brass
Kindly Keyboard
Soulful string


What makes music so special?

It has the rhythm in it, it is there in our heart-beat, may be that’s why we could relate to it! Music is divine! It can be heart melting. Can be heart breaking too! Some people fall in love just by hearing music. It changes the mood, reflects the mood too. It helps to sleep and importantly helps heeling! 🎧

Music has the power to touch lives, may be that’s why they call it soulful singing! 🥰

I love to sing, I don’t care how it sounds but I sing! It brings out my emotions! More like a vent 😉

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