Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

Alternate reality

Welcome to my alternate reality!

Attempt to steal your own time

Bribe your kids with Books

Corrupt your tummy with veggies

Dare to pickup everyday resolutions

Energise your self esteem

Fail to set alarm

Get lost in adventurous theme parks

Hate your hesitations

Ignore your age and weight

Jiggle up when sulking

Kick your head for ideas

Lose your phone

Meditate to sleep

Negotiate your weaknesses

Oscillate between realities

Pollute your life with love

Quit after your last resort

Rethink your thoughts

Spoil your day staying active

Talk more when alone

Under cover your weird desires

Verify, but trust

Wander to breathe some fresh air

Xerox copy your dreams before you forget

Yell when no one’s watching

Zero your thoughts before hitting bed

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