Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

You keep changing

~ Magically Magnificent Maple ~

Autumn or fall, you are in all!

We cherish you!

We love you!

You keep changing,

Yet we love you!

~ I keep changing too, but this doesn’t happen ~

You change!

We travel miles to see you,

to click you and to adore you!

~ I am genuinely happy to share your colourful clicks ~

Love the colors!

You are vibrant, fresh, and sappy reflecting our emotions,

You have the power to inspire all of us!

~ You give the colour to our lenses ~

Hearty hearts, Maple!

We owe you, thank you for your generous sweetness, maple!

Even the spice lovers treasure your moments 😉

~ Of course, thank you for the content ~

Maple Trees

You are genuine,

and you do this every year!

~ You make us wait and create a sensational season ~

Maple leaves

We love you, maple!

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