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TGIF – “Thanks God Its Friday” – I liked this, I remember a movie where the Doctor says, TIG. When Hero asks, whats that, Doctor would say “Trust in God”, only he can save your wife. This post has nothing do with either. All I wanted was to connect between TIG and TGIF, either makes me happy!

Ought to try out something different for this week and chose meme creation. Have always had a soft spot for these creators! They stitch the times and ring the chimes 😇 That’s how I see them! It assuredly brings out their creativity.

A meme guarantees a beam 🌻


Let me not talk about the insult or the hurt it brings out to someone. All I would say is, either choose to ignore or don’t take it to heart. Laughing out at the meme could help, though its hard to say! Sorry, even I have created one.

Undoubtedly, creating meme was fun. I relished it thoroughly 🙂 This is dedicated to my beloved fun-loving IT-ans! A fun meme to cherish! 🌞

A meme depicting the behaviour of IT guys Project Phase and Go-Live phase. - TGIF

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  1. 😂 Aanaa Indha IT pasangaloda golive coordinate panradhukkulla Namaku avvai vayasaagidum.

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