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A flower from nature - This too shall pass!

This too shall pass!

You might be just another person in the group

though wanting to stand out

but waiting for a chance

You might be just following a routine and

looking for a change or

hoping for sunshine

A flower from nature - This too shall pass!

You might have to just go with the flow but

always believe in you and

you will have your turn!

Its never too late to be noticed or recognized

as it happened to me!

You will see through the tunnel!

All you have to remember is –

This too shall pass!

Has to pass! and

Will pass!

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18 thoughts on “Always believe – This too shall pass!

  1. “This too shall pass” and “whatever happens, happens for a reason” are the two thoughts that I strongly believe and endorse. Good post👌

  2. The beautiful flower photos are the perfect accompaniment to the writing. They do look like “sunshine”.

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