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Not just another day! I wish to celebrate World Photography Day primarily because Photographs lets you see what I had seen!

Photography is an instilled memory!

A Road trip to Snowy Mountains forced me to Stop, Click & Record!

A Photography paves way to capture beautiful moments!

I might forget this trip or the locations but the moments captured ensures to back me up anytime 🙂

Here’s an amateur photographer presenting amazing stills!

A still that made me still!

Wish I could lend you my eyes!

A still that caught my attention! - Nature Photography

You might want to live there!

Want you to see what I saw! - Nature Photography

A Road or an Ode!

A travel that I want you to! - Nature Photography

A travel that I want you to!

A Road or an Ode! - Nature Photography

Do you have a second life?

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  1. O FOTOGRAFIE , face cât un MILION de CUVINTE ! 🙂
    Felicitări ! 🙂
    Mă bucur că mi-ai oferit prin LIKE dat pe BLOGUL meu posibilitatea să te cunosc virtual ! 🙂
    La cât mai multe FOTOGRAFII ! ! ! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Alioșa ! 🙂

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