Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

I am unwell, not because I have temperature, because I am tired!

I am tired, not because I have pain, because I am restless!

I am restless, not because I am ill, because I am tense!

I am tense, not because I am anxious, because I am edgy!

I am edgy, not because I am snappy, because I want coffee! 🙂

Coffee time it is!!

14 thoughts on “Dedicated to Coffee addicts ;)

  1. Tired from sleeping and nightmares and puzzles, coffee feels like an awakening to optimism. The pain that doesn’t hurt is a restless thing, but it runs on coffee to help in being more restless for the jumps over obstacles like spilling coffee when I haven’t had yet to be able to make the coffee. I like your poetic circle of need.

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