Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

To me, Environment day has to be everyday!


Few basic tips we follow regularly to care for environment. You may find a bit useful!

Recyclables – I keep a cardboard box at home for segregating the recyclables and clean it once a week! I care to throw away only recyclable plastics and not anything that I see as plastic! Example – When throwing away yogurt tubs, I take out the top cover. 😬

Plastic usage – I keep a bag in the car / pram / stroller / hand-bag / laptop-bag so that its okay forget, lol. (I also keep an extra jacket in car for this winter 😉 We take our own coffee cup when buying coffee outside. (May be we can try this for drinks at the food courts / food chains too). Keep plastic toys clean & give-away for the needs! 😇

Trees – We have plants indoors and outdoors. When there was no space for a particular plant, community garden helped. We also ensure to gift Plants to people! 🌱

Electricity – Some of our switches are turned off when they are not in use – Balcony lights, fans, mobile / lap-top charger, TV set etc. When we are away for the whole day or a Holiday, We make sure to switch off the Wifi too! 😎

Water – Water from the dehumidifier helps watering plants, esp in winter! We have reduced the water flow at the kitchen sinks! We try to time our shower wash too! 🧐

Pollution – Mostly it would be the public transport – (anyway it is on the run), Walking to near-by shops (helps as an exercise)! We have a trolley for local buys! 🤪

Paper – We never print tickets – These days even at the airport, they don’t ask for tickets. Mobile does its job! We re-use paper, the backside of an already used one-sided. Also share / exchange books so that we don’t buy new ones! 👐

I believe caring for environment is equally caring our family!


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  1. All the ideas you shared is very insightful. And it’s not so difficult to follow. I would really like to try the one “gifting plants “.

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