Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

To me, Dance is an Aura! Positive Aura 😇

Dance is an art that helps me forget myself and everything else! 🤩

It truly is a very refreshing thing to do. Can be done anytime! It brings out all the energy and burns them too! When I start to move around, the positivity makes others to shake their feet too! What more do I want? 🤗

Swirl & Twirl 
Spin & Turn 
Bend &  Tend
Rock & Kink 
Curl & Roll 
Shake & Tweak 
Twist & Adjust 
Wiggle & Jiggle 
Hop & Skip
Flit & Split
Fling & Sling
Bounce & Dance!


Dancing is all about being self. It can be any form. To me, any movement is dance! 🙃

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