Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

***** My thoughts and words take a shape of poetic lines *****

Here I wait
With a heavy heart
Looking nervous
With a bit of shyness

Come near me
To hold my hand
Promise me
To be my partner

Cold weather
Making me slither
Be my way
To hear me say

“I love you”


I am in you,
I can take any form

Anybody can possess me,
I am wanted by everybody

When I am with you,
You are at peace

Hold me tight for
I bind you all together

– Says Happiness 


I may not be the best around you but
I am being myself

I may not care enough for you but
I care in my own way

I may not be the right one for you but
I cannot live without you

-Miss you!


What is it with a teary eye?

When I was born, I had tears
When I was hurt, I had tears
When I had failed, I had tears
When I had won, I had tears
When I was successful, I had tears
When I die, will you have tears?


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