Dawn to Dusk! I try to cover as many as topics I could relate to.

I would like to talk in general about beauty in my own words ✍️

What does it mean to be being beautiful?

Does it lie in carrying yourself well? Dressing well? Being stylish? Clear skin? Long, Straight hair? Or is it a Natural gift? Or Being confident? Or.. ?? Who defined it? Let me tell you what I feel!

To me, I believe It is the MINDSET!! 🤫

Now, how did I conclude as mindset? 

I have had pimples and still have the acne marks, wrinkles, pigmentation etc. I have tried different creams, lotions, gels, masks, oils, what not! 🤯

I still try more natural ways to keep clean. Being clean means, clean hair, clean skin (there is a difference between clean skin and clear skin)

Point blank, I was worrying about my looks few years before, I have had complexity issues, confidence issues and name any, but at some point I started to think, what am I doing? Why am I doing all this? To please somebody else or myself?

Then I realised, I have been doing something that doesn’t suit me.

Have been following something or somebody! Have been taking somebody’s opinion or advice! Have been living life for somebody else!

I realised I was wasting my life worrying about crap! 💩 I was forcing myself on so many different things thinking that was the best or they are the best! Everybody is bound to an opinion! I can consider if it doesn’t affect me, otherwise it has to be trashed out!

It took time to understand or may be we call it maturity 😎 but now, I know I would want to satisfy only myself and not anybody else. All such thoughts enlightened to make me feel ME 🙃 So, it is all in the mindset, I am beautiful is what my mind says, I don’t need to worry! Life is short and I want to live it the way I want to!! Mywayoflivinglife came in from here, lol 😀

You know what, there had been times when I had pondered over a silly thought!

Why all other people shine and look younger as they grow older?  🤐
  1. Peer pressure ?
  2. Healthy eating ?
  3. Homework :O Daily chores?
  4. Less pollution?
  5. Affluent?
  6. Exercise?
  7. Happy Family?

I think I figured it out, it is the MAKE UP! 👀

Market is all about make up products, every channel advertises, sells out something or the other. It is the make up that helps them stay younger! 😉 Everybody has to age, slow ageing or gracious ageing, however we call it! Ageing is something we cannot stop.

Being beautiful has nothing to do with ageing! Beauty has various definitions and it truely lies in the eyes of the beholder! Irrespective of color, race, ethnicity, looks ..etc.. everybody is beautiful in their own ways, that’s how the creator has chosen us to be!

It is all in the mindset to believe and accept that “I am beautiful in my own way” 👑

I am a no to minimal makeup person! All I do is use face-wash, apply moisturiser or sunscreen and a lip-balm! I am beautiful 😉 (now don’t ask me for a pic, lol :D)

Note - I am not a celebrity or a public figure! To me celebrity status is something different, I will talk about it in another post! 

Humble request —

Please don’t waste time and energy yearning for something that you don’t have. For instance, You might long for straight hair when all you have is dense curly hair! You might ask for a high heeled shoe so that you could look taller! You might want a fairer skin because that’s being advertised as beautiful! This list is …. endless…! Please don’t fall for such gimmicks 😶 BE YOURSELF!! 🤗

Trust me, I am the mirror — You are beautiful!

I say!

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